Just wanted to highlight some of my most valuable and most frequent supporters of my business. You guys are awesome! Thanks a million for being here

Sheri is my most loyal and valuable client. She’s been supporting me since she was one of my very first clients, waaaay back when I was just a guy with a camera who had no real idea what he was doing. She has repeatedly requested me to take photos of her big moments, and she always recommends me to her friends. She’s also one of the easiest people to work with and the camera loves her. I can’t say enough good things about this woman. She definitely deserves her spot at the top of the wall of fame.

Shanice hasn’t been there from the beginning like the others but she’s still a very supportive client. I’ve taken photos of her birthday, her family, and other important life moments. What I appreciate a lot is that when she isn’t too “busy” for me, or cheating on me with another photographer, she’s always willing to be my guinea pig if I want to try something new or just need a model to practise.

Allison is another lady who took a risk being in front of my camera before I had any real knowledge of what to do with it. Those photos ended up in the newspaper as well. She’s asked me to capture some of her important moments in life; her baby shower, baby’s dedication, birthdays and live performances. She’s easy to work with and I look forward to shooting her wedding one day.

Here is another Lady who took a chance on me early on. Pearlann was about to take her business to the next level and chose me to take her photos for her and we've been doing work together since then. She has used my services for her personal moments and she has asked me create photos for her dance academy. She has given me the opportunity to cover her dance shows and she has been willing to either be my scapegoat when I wanted to experiment, or supply me with one of her pupils when she got too successful to do it herself. I'm looking forward to continuing our working relationship long into the future.

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